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Our Mission Statement

Every human being has an inalienable, unique dignity. His and her life has a value in itself. It is inviolable and unappropriable. 

Human Trafficking in any form is a violation of human rights. 

Prostitution is a violation of human dignity and gender equality. 

We want to end to human trafficking, especially for sexual exploitation, and advocate for the interests of trafficked persons and people in prostitution in Germany,



» creating public awareness

» promoting scientific debate

» reducing demand

» shaping policy

» making the voices of victims heard

Our focus

Awareness Raising

Together Against Human Trafficking (GGMH) wants to raise awareness of the scandal of human trafficking, especially in the form of forced prostitution. We do this by creating free information material and hosting interesting events.


Together Against Human Trafficking (GGMH) wants to promote scientific debate on the subject of human trafficking and prostitution through scientific studies and by means of participation in EU-funded and other projects.


Together Against Human Trafficking (GGMH) wants to shape politics through consultation and lobbying. We inform members of parliament about the scandal of human trafficking in Germany, and try to bring about a better legal situation for the victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation as well as better prosecution of human traffickers through various actions.

Reducing Demand

Together Against Human Trafficking (GGMH) advocates for the so-called „Nordic Model“ or Equality Model of prostitution legislation in Germany, with a focus on tackling demand that fosters human trafficking.

„Listen to Survivors“

Together Against Human Trafficking (GGMH) wants to amplify the voices of survivors. They are the experts and need to be involved in all areas of the fight against human trafficking, including awareness-raising campaigns, the creation of materials and events.

More topics

In addition to our five focus areas, we promote the following two causes through the support of and networking with our members.


Prevention is the most effective way to combat a problem. Because what doesn’t happen in the first place doesn’t have any negative effects. Our concern is that men and women are protected from becoming victims of human trafficking, both in Germany and in countries of origin.

Victim Assistance

We support measures that improve victim protection and compensation. Helping victims is very close to our hearts. Many of our members and friendly associations are doing great things in this area. If you would like to learn more about our members‘ work, please see click on „Member Organizations“.

Board Members

Frank Heinrich

Evangelical Alliance Germany (1.Chairman GGMH)

Gerhard Schönborn

Neustart e.V. (2.Chairman and Event & Network Coordinator for GGMH)

Heike Menzel-Kötz

Netzwerk gegen Menschenhandel e.V. (CFO and EU Project Manager for GGMH)

Gaby Wentland

Mission Freedom e.V. (Assessor GGMH)

Klaus Engelmohr

Augsburger/innen gegen Menschenhandel (Assessor GGMH)

Angela Fischer

Salvation Army Germany (Assessor GGMH)


Caroline Sander, COO